shitty recordings of band practice

by The Crayons

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We recorded a practice. Here are some of the songs that came out alright. We sound better in person. Let us play in your basement.


released 30 April 2013



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Track Name: Black Lungs
Some day my lungs will be blacker than the filters
Oh what a day that will be
Some day my liver will turn into whiskey
What the fuck has happened to me?

Maybe someday I'll wake up with no headache
But then again, maybe I won't
'Cuz if you think you have control of your life
You'll be surprised to find out you don't

There is a stranger living in my mirror
And I'm a stranger to him
I want to ask him lots of questions
He doesn't answer any of them

I really don't think that I'm crazy
But that line is pretty hard to find
It all depends on who you talk to
Whether or not I'm losing my mind

I am just waiting for my life to start
I don't really care how it ends
I am just waiting for something to happen
I don't really care who it offends
Track Name: Dentist Recommended
Gargle some beer.
Track Name: Zombie Rock
I think rock and roll is dead
I think rock and roll is dead
I think rock and roll is dead
You killed it